Reasons Why Almonds Are Snacks for a Healthier Generation

Most nuts have gained notoriety for being high in fats and calories. However, for reasons unknown, a few nuts, especially almonds, can assume a key job in your weight loss journey. You can eat them in a variety of ways like plain, black truffle almonds, and infused almonds. Here are three major ways almonds can assist you with burning fat and losing weight, in addition to a few ideas on how to include them in your eating regimen.

3 Ways Almonds Are Good for Your Body


1. Almonds Can Curb Hunger

Almonds are highly satiating, which means eating them before meals or in the evening can have you feeling full for longer as compared to other foods. Almonds can also prevent you from resorting to a snack binge. There are a few reasons why almonds are so fulfilling:

a. Packed with Protein

As indicated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one ounce of almonds (around 22 full nuts) has 6 grams of protein. Research has discovered that high-protein foods are mostly useful for weight reduction.

A study found that a high-protein low-carb diet increases metabolism. Other researchers have uncovered that including high-protein foods in your diet stifles the appetite. Including almonds in your diet plan makes you less inclined to feel hungry regardless of whether you're eating less while trying to shed those extra pounds.

b. Loaded With Fiber

Almonds are rich in fiber and fiber is very filling, so when it's a part of your supper you're probably going to feel fuller for a longer period of time. This would be in contrast to when you would have eaten a feast with practically no fiber. There is 3 grams of fiber in one serving of almonds.

c. Rich in Solid Fats

There is around 15 grams of total fat in a single ounce serving of almonds. That may seem like a great deal, however, the greater part, around 66%, is monounsaturated fat. This is a benevolent advantage for cardiovascular health. However, like protein and fiber, fat in food is processed gradually, which implies it can give energy for a longer period of time and help to keep hunger in check.

A study found that among calorie counters, the individuals who enhanced their eating regimens with almonds lost more weight than the individuals who enhanced their diet plans with complex carbs. Moreover, the subjects who nibbled on almonds consistently didn't put on any weight, despite the fact that they consumed additional calories every day from the almonds. The researchers also accept that the almonds shielded them from feeling hungry between meals.

2. The Body Doesn't Absorb All Calories From Almonds

Researchers accept that almonds may actually contain around 20-30% fewer calories than dietary numbers demonstrate. This is in light of the fact that those numbers don’t take into account the rigidity of our cell makeup that doesn't allow for absorption.

3. Eating Almonds Can Help You Eat Fewer Calories

Despite the fact that almonds contain a large number of calories, eating them has been found to help people to consume fewer calories overall. In one study, women were asked to eat almonds as a mid-morning snack after a standard breakfast and were not restricted from eating anything for the rest of the day. As a result, even after eating a handful of almonds, women did not eat more calories than expected. This happened only because they had eaten almonds.

Ways To Enjoy Almonds

Here are some easy, tasty approaches for eating almonds daily in your diet:

Nibble on whole almonds

To keep calories in control while crunching on almonds between meals, stick to small segments. Search for snack packs with 100 calories worth of almonds already proportioned, or make your own by purchasing the nuts in mass and placing single servings into snack ziplock bags. You can eat plain raw almonds. For a tastier snack, you can also eat flavored almonds or roasted almonds. Watch out for the added salt to keep the sodium in check.

Don't blanch

Whether raw or flavored like black truffle almonds, settle on almonds that still have their skins. The almond skin contains a number of healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

Sliced almonds on everything from salads to yogurt

They're an incredible way to include flavor and texture without including a ton of calories. Every tablespoon has around 35 calories. Add them to your salad or parfait for a healthy crunch.

Almond butter

Another scrumptious way to add almonds for a healthy diet plan is by using almond butter. The USDA says that a 2-tablespoon serving of unsalted, sugar-free almond butter has 190 calories, 8 grams of protein, 18 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of fiber. Spread it on whole-grain bread, use it as a dip for fruits and veggies or add some in your smoothie.

Things To Love About Almonds

  • Almonds taste great by themselves and are a perfect natural snack.
  • They are mildly sweet in taste, without any added sugars, making them healthy and sugar-free!
  • Almonds can be taken anywhere because they fit into any bag without any crumbs.
  • A handful of almonds (about 23 of them) cover the daily requirements of many essential nutrients and have no negative impact on your weight. Plus they are actually perfect to help you keep your weight-loss goals going.
  • A handful of almonds make you feel full, but they also don't leave a feeling over overeating. On the contrary, they make you feel fitter.
  • Almonds are so versatile. You can mix them with other healthy snacks such as dried fruit and dark chocolate. You can also gently roast and spice them to add flavor.