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Reasons Why Almonds Are Snacks for a Healthier Generation

Most nuts have gained notoriety for being high in fats and calories. However, for reasons unknown, a few nuts, especially almonds, can assume a key job in your weight loss journey. You can eat them in a variety of ways like plain, black truffle almonds, and infused almonds. Here are three major ways almonds can assist you with burning fat and losing weight, in addition to a few ideas on how to include them in your eating regimen. 3 Ways Almonds Are Good for Your Body   1. Almonds Can Curb Hunger Almonds are highly satiating, which means eating them before meals or in the evening can have you feeling full for longer as compared to other foods. Almonds can...

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8 Ways to Make Snack Time a Healthy Routine

Making the decision to eat healthy, particularly when you're ill-equipped, is pretty difficult. Yet, keeping a few key foods in your fridge can go a long way in helping you settle on more astute choices. Healthy snacks can be hard to find when you get home after a long day at work, and just want to douse your hunger pangs. But nowadays, you have many healthier options to munch on. This article talks about a few nutritious snacks you can have on-the-go. Instead of feeling bloated, they will leave you feeling energized and satiated. 1. Apple Slices with Almond Butter   Whole fruits are an excellent snack option when you are rushing. You can eat them as they are or...

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Introducing RECIPE 33!

We are proud to announce RECIPE 33 is open for business! Online orders are now available for anywhere in the US and first orders ship early April. In 2017, the team behind RECIPE 33 joined forces as MBA teammates at the University of Washington, and discovered an opportunity to innovate an old-fashioned industry. The result is our signature infused almonds, using real ingredients and no artificial seasoning found in regular flavored nuts. Our slow and craft technique brings you both nutrition and flavor, while keeping your hands clean. Unlike traditional roasted almonds, RECIPE 33 allows consumers to snack while working or enjoying their favorite activities without worrying about messy hands. Our infused almonds are not just a great source of...

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