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Frequently asked questions

We use a slow craft infusion process to make our nuts, delivering great flavors, without the mess. Infusing the almonds locks the flavor inside, so no more messy hands while you’re snacking!
Start to finish, our process takes 8 days to complete. A labor of love goes into each almond your enjoy.
Yes – you can use our almonds just like you would any other, but with an extra boost of flavor! Add to your salads for added protein, chop and sprinkle on your avocado toast, or give a flavorful crunch to your side dishes. We also love adding a little extra flavor to our favorite granola and trail mix recipes.
The bulk of our ingredients are sourced from the United States, with the exception of our Fresh Serrano Peppers which make their way from Mexico. We source only the best California Almonds, and our Italian Black truffles, Fresh Lemon, Rosemary, and Dill all come from USA.
We recommend storing your almonds in the freezer once the package is open. This will help keep them fresh longer!
You may find something extra hanging out in your bag, whether a dried serrano pepper, a lemon slice, rosemary piece, garlic cloves or cinnamon stick, these extras are no accident. When we infuse our almonds, we use only real, natural, whole food ingredients. When our nuts go through the drying process, so do the additional ingredients. We like to include these in your bags as a tasty reminder that everything inside is 100% natural and recognizable.

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