Nuts should be good for you. So what's with all the artificial seasoning?

RECIPE 33 is an authentic way to extract flavor from superior ingredients, and infuse nuts in a slow and craft technique.

The result is simple, healthy treats with no artificial seasoning. No mess, just flavor.


With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, the team behind RECIPE 33 has always come up with new ideas to improve products we consume every day. When we joined forces as MBA teammates at the University of Washington, the opportunity arose to innovate an old-fashioned industry.

We created our signature infused almonds and RECIPE 33 was born. Through a unique process, we discovered a way to infuse nuts with natural flavors. We use real ingredients, with no artificial seasoning found in regular flavored nuts. RECIPE 33 also allows consumers to snack while working and enjoying their favorite activities without worrying about messy hands.

We believe our unique approach benefits consumers and retailers. Ultimately, we strive to elevate the whole industry, improving the quality of food we all consume in our busy lives.

IP Established Winner 2020