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With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, the team behind RECIPE 33 has always come up with new ideas to improve products we consume every day. When we joined forces as MBA teammates at the University of Washington, the opportunity arose to innovate an old-fashioned industry with a simple mission: clean hands.

Through a unique process, we discovered a way to infuse nuts with natural flavors, using real ingredients. None of the artificial seasoning found in regular flavored nuts, and none of the mess. We created our signature infused almonds and RECIPE 33 was born.

We believe our unique approach benefits consumers and retailers by improving the quality of food we all consume in our busy lives.

Core Features

Why Choose Us?

At RECIPE 33 we aim to create a whole new snacking experience. What we do is simple, extract flavor from superior ingredients, and infuse nuts with a slow craft technique. What else makes us different?

Clean Hands

Infusing our almonds means the flavor is locked inside, not all over your hands

No Artificial Flavors, Color, or Preservatives

Only natural, recognizable, whole food ingredients go in to making our almonds

Peanut and Gluten Free

Our products contain no peanuts, gluten or traces of either. RECIPE 33 almonds are made in a wheat- and peanut-free facility.


No animal products are used to make our delicious, mess free, infused almonds

Authentic Infused Almonds

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What Our Customers Are Saying

These have so much flavor. I mean I can eat one and reveal in the flavor for minutes. Not fried, salted, sugared, but the taste envelopes your whole pallet. Absolutely my favorite brand and flavor


RECIPE 33 Black Truffle Infused Almonds

I love these almonds! I can eat the entire bag in one sitting. I'm so curious how they infused the flavor without any outside seasoning. I only wish they came in a larger bag.


RECIPE 33 Lemon Rosemary Infused Almonds

These are the best almonds ever. I love every single flavor. The fact that they have only a couple of all natural, fresh ingredients makes them even more amazing.


RECIPE 33 Infused Almonds, Various Flavors

Recipe 33 is a delicious nutritional on the go snack that hits the spot. They offer a variety of flavors that deliver a great taste that will have you wanting more. Recipe numero Uno when it comes to QUALITY.


RECIPE 33 Infused Almonds Travel Pack