Nuts should be good for you. So what's with all the artificial seasoning?

RECIPE 33 is an authentic way to extract flavor from superior ingredients, and infuse nuts in a slow and craft technique. The result is simple, healthy treats with no artificial seasoning. Clean for your body. Clean for your hands.

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Read the labels. Our infused almonds are flavored with just the right ingredients, no artificial nonsense you find elsewhere.

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Time. It takes time to create great things and nuts are no exception. Our slow technique infuses flavors in each and every nut.

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The flavor is inside the nut, not on you. No more messy hands, or phones, or computers, or books, or glasses.



Our nuts are great not just good for snacking, but a great ingredient for cooking.

Whether for flavor or texture, add our almonds to your pantry and elevate your recipes. Smoky Serrano is perfect for salads, Black Truffle makes a delicious mac & cheese, while Lemon Rosemary.

On the sweet side, Cinnamon Vanilla can be used for both a healthy cereal breakfast or for a indulging ice creams or cake desert. Check out our recipes and share yours with us too!