Thanks to your support, RECIPE 33 has made great progress over the last few months. As our preferred customers and friends, we'd like to give you a quick business update. And especially bring some holiday treats for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Happy Holidays!

Amazon Prime

RECIPE 33 has been available on Amazon for a while, but now we're also testing Prime. Until December 31st, all Prime members get orders with free 2-day delivery! Through Amazon, you can get RECIPE 33 across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Try yourself and share away!

Whole Foods Market

Demand for RECIPE 33 at Whole Foods stores in Seattle has blown our minds away! As of October you can find us at the Westlake, Interbay, Roosevelt Square, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Chambers Bay, and Redmond stores. At the brand-new Madison Broadway store, it's even easier to find us on the shelf or at the salad bar.

New Seasons Market

You can find RECIPE 33 at New Seasons stores since July. We've started in Seattle at the Ballard and Mercer Island stores. Great news is now all Portland stores also carry our infused nuts! Portlanders, please enjoy and share the news with everyone in the area!